Modern Slavery


Course Overview

This course explores the topic of modern slavery and how to implement a series of strategies to address modern slavery in the workplace so that any cases can be promptly identified and dealt with.

It is hard to believe that in the modern world slavery is a problem, but it is a very real concern for many countries.

Modern slavery occurs when people are severely exploited for personal or commercial gain. It is something that is all around us, often taking place out of sight.


The aim of this course is to provide the learner with an understanding of what modern slavery is, how to identify it and what you should do if you suspect that someone you work with, whether this is a service user or client could potentially be a victim of modern slavery.

On completion of this course learners will be able to:

  • Clearly identify modern slavery
  • Explain some of the factors that could indicate modern slavery
  • Recognise the steps that employers can take to address modern slavery and prevent it from happening


This course will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Further resources are available from the Diversity Document Toolkit. The toolkit contains factsheets, guides, forms and checklists which can support and embed what has been learnt.