Pay it Forward Learning Project - The Academy for Diversity

We would like to ask those organisations that have a social values or social responsibility aspect to their business if they would consider supporting our Pay it Forward Learning Project.

The Pay it Forward Learning Project looks to provide free workplace based online learning for individuals (via an appropriate charity) who are trying to find their way back to employment. This includes ex-offenders, the homeless and the unemployed who want to demonstrate to potential employers that they have made the effort to show a level of personal commitment to grow their skills and enhance their employability.


To help improve their chances of securing employment, these learners can obtain a Certificate of Achievement from the course, which they can present when they attend interviews.

It’s really simple to support:

  1. Visit our online course store where you’ll find the Pay it Forward Learning Product
  2. Buy the number of licences that you want to donate
  3. We will then provide one of our charities (or the charity you nominate) with any mixture of the courses from our Business Essentials Catalogue up to the numbers you have purchased for them
  4. We will host course access for the charity, and they can make these available to those individuals in need
  5. We will add your organisation onto this page to show your support for this project and will post about your support through our social media channels

The Business Essentials Catalogue provides courses in key workplace topics:

Customer Service

Personal Development


Food Hygiene

Policy and Compliance

Diversity and Inclusion

Health and Safety


Sales Skills

Human Resources

Leadership and Management

Marketing Insights

We hope you’ll consider joining with us to make the Pay it Forward Learning Project a success and help those who are in real need. Thank you in advance for helping us roll this project out across the UK and making a difference to peoples’ lives