Online Learning

The Academy has created a range of engaging courses designed to increase the level of employee knowledge and confidence in order to create a true culture of inclusion.

Today, many organisations are realising that the use of online learning is a powerful way to support their learning provision. Ideal for both office-based staff and a mobile workforce,  online learning enables you to provide learning at a pace, time and location that best suits you and your employees.

Our eLearning courses tackle core subjects and are delivered as fully responsive courses that can be used across any device. The courses are broken down into manageable lessons, enabling the learner to complete the course in the one session or address a number of lessons at a time and return as many times as they like. The use of knowledge checks and assessments within each course aids and checks understanding and upon successful completion, the learner receives a certificate.

Learning snapshots are short micro-learning courses around 10-15 mins and are a powerful way to re-enforce learning, provide a quick method for updates and to introduce key concepts. They are ideal where you don’t want the learner to sit through an in depth course, but they need to know the basics.

As well as providing Learning Snapshots on key topics within the Academy, we can also create Learning Snapshots specifically for you. Contact us to see how you can introduce these powerful learning tools across your organisation.


The pricing of our courses is banded against the number of learners that you require and provides 12 month access to the course content from the date of purchase.

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