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Academy Resources  – developed by real Industry Experts.

The Academy has expertise that has worked for many years across the various disciplines we cover. They are leaders in their field, understanding the needs of both the organisation and the individual. This is why we believe in our ability to truly help – we hope you you will come to believe this too. Get a brief overview on our Academy Experts below:

Gilroy Ferguson

A Former consultant and creative healthcare professional with over 40 years’ experience of working in Commercial Health, NHS, and Voluntary Sectors.

Over 30 years in clinical management across main healthcare sectors. Member of the senior team in American owned Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) and Behavioural Health Companies.

A former psychiatric community nurse, clinical manager, primary care facilitator, Non-Executive Director in the NHS. In the corporate sector, he held several key clinical and operations roles including product and service development and delivery, quality control complaint management.

He has attended the international strategic conference for the development of a global strategy for Employee Assistance Programmes, in Greece, Holland, Denmark and South Africa. Currently an independent psychological first-aid responder, counsellor, trainer, and personal development coach.

Elliot Browne, MSc, DM, MBA

Elliot is a Management Consultant and Director of 2way Consulting Ltd.  He has spent the past 10 years working in the private sector advising and supporting the development of Limited Companies and Partnerships.  He has also held Service Director Positions in two Teaching Hospitals

He brings to the team Operational Management and Board level experience from both the private and public sector.

He is an advocate for teamwork, managing people fairly and embracing diversity in the workplace.

His MBA thesis on Strategic Alliances reaffirmed the importance of understanding culture, change, communication and negotiation at all levels in an organisation

He believes that support to individuals dealing with difficult employment issues which can often be life changing should be of the highest quality, easily accessible and affordable.

More recently Elliot has revisited his early passion for music and is playing guitar in one of Manchester’s high-end Smooth Jazz & Soul function bands.

Terry Simmons

Terry Simmons is a founding director of the Academy for Diversity.

Terry has recognised the importance of helping businesses take a holistic approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and the Academy has been created as the vehicle for delivering this much needed help.

As a former director in a number of blue chip technology companies and Managing Director of various SMEs, Terry has more than 30 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Sales, Marketing, International Market Development, Board Management, Digital Content and Learning Solutions.

Terry has hands on experience of working across many different types of businesses from very small to large, national and international and across a range of industries. This means he has an idea of how companies of different sizes operate, understands the many problems that businesses face, and is aware of the challenges in meeting compliance and regulatory obligations as well as meeting the financial expectations of the business and stakeholders.

Terry is a highly experienced learning and training professional who also heads up eLearning Plus, a specialist online training company helping create Smarter Companies through the delivery of effective learning content, tools and supporting technologies.

In addition, Terry heads up iDigital Content, an organisation that delivers interactive content for Sales and Marketing Communications that helps drive audience engagement for many Blue Chip organisations.

David Cohen

David Cohen is a founding director of the Academy for Diversity.

David identified the need to simplify processes around training. He recognised that every business is unique and that one size doesn’t fit all. The Academy for diversity enables employers to access the necessary training for their staff on a system that is bespoke to their needs.

David’s career started in management accounts with experience in retail, manufacturing and insurance. It was here his desire to help businesses reach their full potential grew. He later moved into the family accountancy practice where he was able to support both small and large businesses in the development of their companies and workforce, helping them navigate HR, payroll and employment requirements. David has experience of working with a variety of businesses, incorporating a range of industries, this and his in depth knowledge of business development, accountancy, finance and HR means he has an excellent understanding of the complex environment and challenges businesses encounter when ensuring they are compliant with legal and regularity laws.

David’s 15 years’ experience of supporting businesses has helped David create HR Simple Academy a one-stop shop for employers, with a system that provides everything an employer needs to ensure the development and safety of their employees and ensuring they are legally compliant when employing staff.


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