Cost Effective Solutions

True Value For Money

There is an old saying – “you get what you pay for”!

An important point to note is that as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. This is especially true in the area of training and online learning. All of our materials are produced by experts in the field with many years of subject matter expertise. The materials are high quality and are created by us, using our in-house team of experts and our materials are also specifically designed to address the legislated training needs of organisations. We deliver a blended learning approach, offering a variety of ways to learn including documents, video, online learning modules, guides and factsheets.

Low cost doesn’t mean good value!

We are all too familiar with the low cost, low quality training and online material that exists in the marketplace, but choosing this route is both a false economy and an ill advised route. Much of the material from these suppliers has not been designed to be responsive, i.e. to be used across a variety of devices and has not been developed by a subject matter expert. Indeed, many of the businesses we see selling courses are actually resellers of another organisation’s materials, selling them at low cost because they are literally just re-sellers, shipping a product that they know nothing about.

Experts in Learning?

We believe inappropriate, low cost courses are a serious problem within the learning world as they impact and devalue the learning space with poor and inappropriate materials. You are unlikely to be able to ask these suppliers any specific questions on the materials they supply as they have no expertise.

Compare this to our organisation which has a wide range of learning expertise in-house, from subject matter experts, instructional designers, graphic designers, code developers through to testers. We are happy to demonstrate all of our materials and show you the difference between our solutions and material provided by those just looking to make a quick product sale. We will demonstrate how our tools are a sound investment for your organisation.


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