About - The Academy for Diversity

Driving Social Values and Supporting True Inclusion

The Academy has been several years in the making and was set up because we recognised that although organisations are considering how best to handle Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, they need expert training which is unbiased, transparent and honest.

There is also a strong need to address this area:

From a positive aspect, rather than a negative.

As an opportunity, rather than a problem.

As a business enabler, rather than a necessary evil.

To benefit both organisations and people.

Our overriding focus is on helping employers, employees, suppliers and customers come together in a true spirit of co-operation and acceptance. With an eye on enabling effective Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Values, we also consider the commercial context to support positive action and real buy-in, underpinning an effective business approach that is truly inclusive.

We are keen to take away the emphasis on compliance, fault finding and confrontation to engender a true spirit of co-operation that delivers mutual benefit.

We aim to see:

  • Employers and suppliers discover the value in embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within their business.
  • Employees benefit from working within an inclusive environment where they are truly valued.
  • Suppliers and Customers benefit from an open and inclusive relationship.

All our courses, resources and people are in place to underpin this vision. With a commitment to continually developing further supporting materials, we are proud to show our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace and welcome the chance to support organisations on this valuable journey.

Our Purpose

The Academy has been developed to provide organisations, human resource professionals, business owners and individuals with the tools and resources they need to become industry leaders in the field of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Who we are

We have extensive expertise in the fields of inclusion, disability and mental health; this coupled with our team of learning and development experts means that we can support an organisation of any size. Our team of experts has worked across a variety of business sectors from healthcare, small businesses, multinationals, energy suppliers, local authorities and many more.

Why work with the Academy

Embracing diversity and inclusion makes strong business sense; the Academy supports you in creating a culture of inclusion through best practice and dynamic leadership. Using our market leading expertise, we give you the confidence and the knowledge to drive the diversity agenda across your business.

Through the provision of regular updates, market leading training and development tools and pragmatic resources, we help you introduce and enhance the skills needed to make a difference.

What we do for our Clients

Regardless of your industry or whether you have 1 employee or thousands, the Academy has a range of solutions designed to meet your needs. We provide you with factsheets, templates, guides, learning resources, regular updates and online learning modules which will have a positive impact within your business. Our team are also on hand to create course content specific for your organisation if needed.


Contact us now to discuss how our solutions can help your organisation become truly inclusive.