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Driving social values and supporting true inclusion​

Together we make a Difference

The Academy for Diversity is an inclusive partner that provides a supportive community and a powerful knowledge base.

We have seen first hand the challenges that organisations face in delivering an understanding of diversity that creates an appropriate experience for employees, suppliers and customers, as well as addressing legislative compliance.

Whilst there are organisations that cover various aspects of these challenges, there has not been an organisation that provides a single point of access to all the essential materials, knowledge and insights to support you in this area – until now!

This is exactly why we set up the Academy for Diversity.

Our aim is to give you one place to go that provides an integrated set of training, tools and resources to work together seamlessly.

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our Board

Every member of our Board is passionate about helping organisations to provide psychologically safe, inclusive workplaces.  With a wealth of experience, knowledge and the ability to shape the future of the workplace, the Board ensures that The Academy for Diversity drives our agenda forward whilst living up to our values.

Jill Mead
Terry Simmons
Erika Moralez-Perez
Elliot Browne
Natalie Edwards