• Welcome to

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    Your Knowledge Portal – providing the resources, the learning and the tools to help you become a truly inclusive organisation.

  • Mobile Friendly eLearning Courses

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    A range of pre-built eLearning courses providing essential training to upskill your employees and give them confidence in their day to day operations.

  • Bite Sized Learning with Learning Snapshots

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    Learning snapshots provide bite sized delivery of essential knowledge, particularly powerful for mobile and field based employees.

  • Introducing Classroom in a Box

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    Classroom in a Box” provides all of the items needed to deliver effective courses internally for key topics such as Mental Health, Disability Awareness, Visual Impairment and Equality and Diversity.

  • We help you analyse your training needs

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    We identify the real issues within your business and provide an opportunity to increase employee engagement around the subject of Equality and Diversity.

  • Access Expertise with our Retainer Service

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    We help you manage your diversity agenda and deliver powerful results, whilst building real expertise within your own organisation.

  • Bespoke Content Creation To Match Your Exact Needs

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    Engaging and interactive content – online and offline – both digital and print – designed to meet your specific needs.

Welcome to The Academy for Diversity

We have seen first hand the challenges that organisations face in delivering an understanding of diversity that creates an appropriate experience for employees, suppliers and customers, yet still supports legislative compliance.

Whilst there are organisations that address various aspects of these challenges, there has not been a single point of access to all the essential materials, knowledge and insights to support you in this area. This is exactly why we set up the Academy. Our aim is to give you one place to go that provides an integrated set of training tools and resources, designed to work together seamlessly.

If you have a Diversity training project that you would like some assistance with, we are ready to help.

The Academy team can help with one off projects such as:

Online Training

Pre-built Classroom Training

Bespoke Training Development

Guides, Policies and Factsheets

Whatever your requirements, budget or timescale, contact us now to discuss how we can help you.

Download our Academy Overview Guide to see how we can help you manage Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in your organisation.

In terms of the solutions we offer, we have kept things deliberately simple and transparent. There are a number of options designed to work independently or together for increased effectiveness:

Document Toolkits provide a wide range of publications including guides and checklists , fact sheets and policies that will support you and your organisation in embracing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Classroom in a Box” provides all of the items needed to deliver effective courses internally for key topics such as mental health, visual impairment, disability awareness and equality and diversity.

Compliance in a Box” provides the confidence, knowledge and resources needed in order to deliver effective training within your organisation and meet the necessary legislation. Our first “box” is the Airport Edition – contact us now to find out more.

A range of pre-built online learning courses provide essential training to upskill your staff.

Learning snapshots provide bite sized delivery of essential knowledge elements, particularly powerful for field based employees.

Bespoke elearning course development designed to meet your specific needs.

Be Confident

We provide you with the tools and the knowledge you need to be comfortable and confident around all aspects of diversity and inclusion.

Be Consistent

We provide you with the learning materials and resources you need in order to deliver a consistent level of understanding across your organisation.

Be Compliant

We provide you with access to the essential training and resources to help you understand your compliance obligations.


Benefits for your business.

  • Experience and domain knowledge
  • A wide range of supporting tools and resources
  • Expertise in training and online learning
  • Your one stop shop for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Transparent solutions and pricing